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About Us

Negozio borse online UZA
Negozio borse online UZA

Palazzo UZA – Pescara

UZA is a new firm, an advanced commercial concern, an important expression of enterprise in Italy’s central-east. In Abruzzo and beyond, everyone knows the UZA brand. If you ask around, often you will hear the reply: “Ah UZA, leather goods”. Almost a legend.

UZA is a leading firm in the field of leather goods, cases footwear and gift articles . In addition to the first well-known store in the centre of Pescara there in now another big store in the famous Pescara porta nuova site , the birthplace of the great poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Today, the firm, founded in 1980, is managed by an efficient family team and by valuable collaborators, and is the picture of a vital, dynamic and forward thinking organism, and an expression of inventive, tenacity, spirit of sacrifice, with that mixture of individualism and team spirit making it a unique acronym: UZA, a logo that needs no explanation.

Today UZA is a Online Store. Welcome!

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